The Sewing Bee is back!

I don’t know about you, but last night at 9 I was glued to BBC1 to watch the first episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. Since the lockdown, I’ve been needing some excitement in my life, and this was it!

No celebration in this house is complete without shortbread, this time modeled in the shape of the tea dresses in the made to measure challenge. These were dutifully delivered (government sanctioned essential supply!) neatly wrapped in scrap fabric and ribbons to our sewing friends with an invitation to join to join our Gogglebox-style Zoom.

More excitement followed when the dress code “fabulous” was announced. This meant only one thing: WARDROBE RAID! I procured a strapless blue floral number that my mum made for her uni leavers ball 30 years ago, and paired it with a navy blue velvet duster coat I made last year. The word seems to get out that the colour code was navy, my mum wore a velvet skater style dress made using a Stoff and Stil pattern, Fiona wore a Grecian style dress, which although not home sewn, was painstakingly adjusted before her year 11 Prom.

Now suitably attired, we were poised and ready to go infront of the Zoom, the white wine was poured, the shortbread plated, and so the count-down began. Some of the fabric choices in the wrap skirt challenge made us laugh (although we may not have chosen any better ourselves…), and we watched on in shock at some of the alteration challenge garments as they came together. I was impressed with the winner of the alteration challenge, but others were less convinced, arguing that it should be a more wearable item. We all know the judges love an outrageous piece!

Some of the tea dresses caused some raised eyebrows, particularly the flounce done in cotton. We loved Liz’s goth punk take on the traditional tea dress, bringing a personalised twist to a classic garment. We were all sad to see Angillia go, we were taken in by her lovely personality.

Can’t wait for next week’s holiday theme!

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