How to style your face mask

The UK government has now recommended the use of face coverings in enclosed public spaces, such as shops and public transport. The use of face masks will be going up as a result, but how can we stay stylish with pandemic restrictions? Do not fear, I have your back covered with my styling tips using my hand made masks.

Style 1: 70s Flower Power look

My Mum asked me to make her a mask that goes with her 70s style jumpsuit she made for Giffords Circus “Xanadu” last year. I accessorised the outfit with yellow sandals and a flower crown to keep it simple. If you have a mask with flowers on it, I encourage you to keep with the floral motif, take it as far as you can. Why not add some real flowers to make a boho chic look?

Style 2: Spring Chic

To continue the floral theme, for a cute spring look accentuate the cool tones of a pale outfit with a denim jacket, a wardrobe classic. A pale natural colour palate works nicely with a neutral toned mask. The earthy and natural colours are perfect for late spring and early summer, complimenting the world around you on on your government sanctioned walk in the park.

Style 3: Beach Vibes

Update your beach look with a punch of colour! Floaty fabrics and white cottons and linens are all beach staples, but you can accessorise with a face mask that matches your other additions such as necklaces or scarves. Here I matched a purple tie-dye mask with some long necklaces and a vintage scarf for a summer look. I can imagine myself walking along the beach side in this!

Style 4: Neutral Tones

Many of the available face masks are white, which can cause a problem for creating a stylish look. But don’t fret! A white mask is the perfect accompaniment to a look with neutral tones, including brown, cream and beige. This also give you the perfect opportunity to explore with textures, seen here with the alligator texture boots and the suede jacket.

Style 5: One for the Gents!

A checked mask is a perfect accessory to a smart look. Sometimes mens fashion can feel very limited, but a face mask is a brilliant opportunity to add some suave to your style. A patterned mask can be worn with a plain shirt and trousers from a similar colour palate to tie the whole outfit together. Perfect for any small formal summer gatherings that might come your way as lock down eases.

Style 6: Bold Colour

If you’re anything like me, you love a bold and bright colour to freshen up your look. These trousers are my favorites because they go with absolutely everything, I could wear a plain face mask of any colour with them, but I have left over scrap fabric from when I made them a year ago, which creates the ultimate statement look. When in doubt, add a big bold colour that is in keeping with your colour palate.

Style 7: Pattern Matching

If your mask doesn’t perfectly match your outfit, don’t despair! You could combine similar patterns to continue a motif, like in this outfit, I didn’t have any stripes similar to those on my dress, but I have wide stripes on my mask that have a similar colour tone, so put together they make a stunning look.

Style 8: Double Denim

Some say double denim is a fashion faux pas, I say I denim face mask is the perfect thing to compliment any outfit. Denim is such a versatile fabric to style, this mask can literally go with anything. It can complement a comfortable everyday outfit, or be the sleek finish to a smart-casual number. The possibilities for styling this mask are endless!

Style 9: Fun Pattern

If denim is too tame for you, maybe a fun unicorn print is more your style. A fun pattern on a flexible colour base can be a perfect feature to any outfit. Here the mask has been paired with a matching denim skirt with blue accessories, balanced with warm tones from the jumper and tights.

That’s it from my blog on styling face masks. To buy one of the face masks featured in my layouts click here. Send me a picture of how you’ve styled your masks and I will add them to my gallery.

Stay safe!

One thought on “How to style your face mask

  1. I meant to say that those pictures are just fab. Well done you. I am so pleased because it’s the kind of things I did at Queen’s college Glasgow all those years ago and because you are very into vintage quite similar. Love it . S xxx

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