Face Masks

Due to Covid-19, many authorities are suggesting the use of masks in public places. Wearing a mask does not protect you from the virus, but it prevents you from touching your face and reduces the chances of you transmitting the virus to others who are potentially vulnerable.

The mask shape is designed to hug the shape of the face, covering the nose and mouth. Elastic ear loops are to provide tension to keep mask firm to the face. Due to the variation between individuals, the ear loops may be too long, to combat this, each mask comes with a tab for the ear loops to attach to, this also can reduce friction behind the ears.

Features: 3 layers, wire nose bridge, 23 cm elastic ear loops, ear loop belt with buttons, pocket for insertion of an additional protective layer.

Sizes: Child, Standard (better fit for female faces), Large (better fit for male faces).

Designs: navy stripe, blossom, denim, science, purple tie-dye, music, green pink check, shirt check, denim unicorn, 70s floral, colourful stripe. Please contact for more details.

Disclaimer – These masks have not been compared to any medical standards, however the recommended materials have been used.

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